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The energy consumption of villa’s and exclusive houses is much higher then the consumption of an average one-family house. A big part of the existing villa’s at for instance Ibiza and Mallorca have big swimming pools and air-conditioning systems (airco’s) , which use a lot of energy. 

Here fore an increase of villa owners are more and more choosing for the use of solar panels for the production of sustainable sun energy. By using this type of energy-collection the monthly energy bill will drop dramatically and has the villa a more reliable and stabile energy-system. The electricity network on the islands have a tendency of going on default.



Best quality solar panels

Villa.Energy only works with the highest quality of solar panels. After a thorough research we propose a number of producers and products which are screened well and guarantee the best fit for the requirements of the client and the houses. There is an enormous scale of producers of Solar panels, it is therefore important you seek for a proper advise, therefore it is quite important to have a solid research for the best outcome of products.

As an example it is possible to have solar panels which look completely like glass, and if this fits the house, you can have a great aesthetic sun power solution. Also there are solar panels, which have a better heat resistance, then others. If a solar panel is getting to hot, it will have a much lower energy production and your efficiency will drop, or even go totally off’. Therefore the location of the solar panels are quite critical. Locations on the roof, or carport, of in the fields are common areas to place them.

 On the islands where Villa.Energy is most active, the amount of sun hours is high, but even with a cloudy sky sunlight is converted to electric power. By using solar power the costs of electricity will be much lower. Villa.Energy has a lot of experience with houses, which have been build “ of grid”  This means these houses are not connected tot he local electricity network and this is quite common for houses in far away locations (mountaintops). These houses have mostly diesel generators, which is filthy and very bad for the environment and very cost inefficient. These installations cost between 30-40 k euro per year, by daily use.



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