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Sustainable energy is profitable, even more in countries where sun shines most of the time and where the energy use of large villa’s and big houses is high. The return on investment-time for the systems which Villa Energy installs is around the five to six years. With this comparison our reference is a “normal” villa, with solar panels, converters, batteries and energy management systems compared to villa’s which are connected tot he regular electricity net. 


Villa’s connected to the grid

The electricity use for big villa’s is approximately 50.000 kWh per year, which results to € 11.500,- per year . A back-up system, containing a  diesel-generator is approximately  € 8.500,- extra per year(incl. Write-of, maintenance, full,  etc.). Total amount for the  energy-costs for a villa is € 20.000,- per year and including a back-up system for the loss of power by the grid.  A solution by Villa.Energy costs approximately € 8.500,- per year en has a life cycle of approximately 15 year, only the batteries needs to be replaced within 6-7 years.


Villa’s without a grid-connection

On many islands there are villa’s located on mountains and forests, which are outlaying. To be connected tot he grid requires a cable, which costs can be extremely expensive.

A lot of these villa’s acquire their energy from leased diesel generators. The costs for these type of installations amount to 40.000 to 50.000 euro per year. These generators damage the environment, are not sustainable and not cost efficient, and you are relying on third party delivery of the required fuel, which creates a risk in the uptime of the generator and can damage the electric systems in the house (domotica is very sensitive to a power drop). 

If we compare the systems of Villa.Energy with the diesel generators the advantages are even higher when you would compare them to direct connection of the grid. 


Advantages Villa.Energy systems

The advantages of the use of a Villa.Energy system is huge. A summary under;

-        It is much cheaper to use sustainable energy solutions;

-         It is much healthier for the environment;

-        Your private energy-network is much more reliable then the average electricity companies on most islands;

-        Your villa is due to the installed sustainable energy solutions more valuable and has a bigger chance on the real estate market for a swift sale, because of this energy label, which label is more and more in demand. We see an increase of quotes for new build houses due to this development.

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