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Villa.Energy is the specialist if it comes down to sustainable energy in villa’s en exclusive houses. This reflects to solar panels, home batteries, heat pumps and energy management systems. The team van Villa.Energy has over 25 years of experience in the field of sustainable energy and is on top of all developments regarding all construction(methods)  innovations and related products.

canxicu1Villa.Energy supports  villa-owners by making the houses sustainable and creates a decrease of the energy costs, which can result in huge savings on the energy bills, in some cases up to ten-thousands of euro’s on an annual level. Furthermore the fact that the environment is treatened in a much healthier and sustainable way by using natural resources is also a great benefit.


Advice report

canxicu1After a thorough investigation with the expertise of Villa.Energy a fitted advice-report is written, which is tailor made for every unique villa. The report shows in which several ways u can save on the use of energy and also which is the best way to produce energy. After receipt of the advice-report the client is free to decide if the adviced components will be purchased by Villa.Energy and installed.

Reliabilty, service and high quality are hereby the most important priorities for We will only deliver and install the highest quality of available products and work with a professional team of reliable technicians. Due to the fact Villa.Energy has a large volume of trades, we have a good position for negotations with all the different suppliers and can therefore offer you very competative prices.

Products which Villa.Energy in villa’s installs are:

-       Solar panels;

-       Home batteries;

-       Energy management systems;

-       Solar collectors;

-       Heat pumps;

-       Water filter systems

-       Etc.etc..


More then just Energy

Aside from all important elements within the range of energy-households of Villa’s and exclusive houses, Villa.Energy advises in other sustainable components and produts. Up on request we can provide our clients with a total covering advice report in which also other fields are researched.

Examples are;

-       (natural) ventilation;

-       Heating and Cooling (HVAC);

-       Heat-reverse installations;

-       Light and light systems;

-       Domotica;

-       Water management (grey water, black water, rainwater, drinkwater);

-       Helofyten filters;

-       Build-methoden (for example, Canadian wells).




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