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The use of solar panels is already popular for quite some time, a high disadvantage was still the dependency of the electricity network, since villa’s and houses also need electricity power at night.

The energy which is produced by the solar panel is available at that time, however at night you would still need the normal electricity power provided by the regular energy companies. With the arrival of energy storage this problem is solved and more and more people are stepping over to solar panels and batteries. The power you will not use during the day, will be stored in the power batteries and can be used at night or other moments. By this method the houses do not need to be connected anymore to the traditional electricity network and are therefore no longer depending on others.

The development of home batteries in the last few years is extra ordinary. A lot of big brandnames like Tesla, BMW, General Motors have set up new divisions for the development of home batteries. These batteries will be still to small for installation in big villa’s and houses, due to the swimming pools, jaccuzzi’s and airco systems. For this reason Villa.Energy advices to use industrial batteries. These batteries seem less appealing but are much cheaper and have great expansion possibilities. It is still optional to have better looking house batteries installed for an aesthetic purpose and have the industrial battery in a other location in the house, so you still have the benefit for more power, if needed.

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